Hello, it’s me!

This is my first post in this blog. It’s me — FreeWild Fox. I am a video editor and I have decided to create my personal blog.

At this moment I don’t know can I write to this blog regularly and maybe my English skills isn’t so good, as they can be. But I will try to improve all my skills along with writing posts on this site.

This site has not any purposes at the moment of creation and at this stage I’d like to simply setup WordPress engine, template and to figure out in all of these details, while I will drink a cup of tea. A lot of cups of tea. Great, delicious tea with a currant jam.

Feel free to write me to the comments, I’d like to expand my circle of friends and I am opened for chat.

So, it’s me on this photo and I am glad to get acquainted with you.
And this is a FREE WILD FOX. I think that I am similar with this beautiful animal and I associates myself with him.